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willy in NFL 2015-2016 [Week 2]
Holy shit Ravens! Great win. The defense won that game. Flacco? More like Sacco (love the league). I'm glad I left that game off my multi bet this week. I've got panthers, falcons, colts, chargers, Cardinals, broncos, packers and seahawks. I've got a few little weird ones in case the giants surprise...
willy in NFL 2015-2016 [Week 2]
not sure if you're aware Spoon/Fork but Paul Mammotte from high school plays for the Perth team and just got back from representing Australia at the world champs (USA won, surprise!). this jarryd hayne thing will be awesome for the sport in Australia. this combined with the fact Ive got a new collea...
willy in Heroes of the Storm
I am still at a complete loss how you have interpreted my dislike for Nova as a slight against your person and my comments on the subject as malicious. As for your thoughts on my commentary during the match, I had no idea about people's experience however mentioning that people were skipping the fir...