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thx shaunz.. u wouldnt mind me messing around with the sig u juz made would ya? Actually, I would. Use the sig prescribed, or don't use it. I know I'm pretty late but.… BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh shit dude, SIGNATURE IMAGES! SERIOUS FUCKING BUISNESS! Wasn't this whole troll brigade thing suposed to be ...
Benza in WoW Inspired Metal
I have to say that I find this kind of singing absolutly hilarious.

It's just so incredibly lame. And you can tell they're trying to be fully hardcore and shit but they just sound like morons :D
September 21 Book 3 starts.

Sokka looks fucking bad arse in the trailer.
They've also been commisoned for 2 more seasons after book 3, but no one knows what they're gunna be about since they confirmed that they will wrap up the current story in book 3.
Benza in Cool music videos
Nonu wrote:
TISM- "Greg, the stop sign"

Frenzal Rhomb- "Russell Crowe's Band"

Got those two the wrong way around.
Benza in Cool music videos
Shaunz should appreciate this one.
Kanye West/Daft Punk Stronger

Butterfingers F.I.G.J.A.M.

Frenzal Rhomb Russel Crowes Band

T.I.S.M. Greg the Stop Sign
Benza in Dragonball Z
Man DBZ used to be THE shit. But man, the entire Namek saga will be nothing more then a joke to me now "THE PLANET WILL EXPLODE IN 5 MINUTES!" *2 weeks later* "THE PLANET ONLY HAS TWO MINUTES LEFT!" Did anyone watch that music video show Jade used to host late at night on Channel...
No they use complety diffrent designs, they changed the eva designs in the Death and Rebirth movies, they're alot thicker in the torso. Go check out Eva 2 in the fight against the mass produced evas vs Eva 2 fighting the fish thingy, hell just compare the shot of Eva 1 walking out of the smoke after...

Why do they have to use these ugly arse fat evas.

Seriously? What the hells the deal with that, what was wrong with the original Eva designs that they had to go make em fat? The anorexic lanky evas was like my faviourte thing about the show.