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Benza in WoW Inspired Metal
I have to say that I find this kind of singing absolutly hilarious. It's just so incredibly lame. And you can tell they're trying to be fully hardcore and shit but they just sound like morons :D Well they do actually play metalcore/deathcore. 'Core' meaning it takes influence and song structure's f...
Moradim wrote:
The chick from Becker becomes the new Jigsaw.

lol I love that you know she's from Becker. Fuck that show was hilarious,

Fuck I don't know her name in the movie so I don't know how else to describe her :P Also knowing who she was in Becker made the Saw movies hilarious.
mo = mustache amirite? Hell yeah, all facist dictators are judged by the quality and trimming of there moustaches. From Lenins steryotypical evil balled dude Mo
Never mind that you perceive me to be some kind of Stalin in the carefree brigade (actually I wouldn't mind that), but what's the point of just copy pasting my sig with some graffiti template dude over it? That shows and proves nothing sans your inability to get off your ass and actually make your ...
Usual suspects = predictable imo also AERIS DIES OH SHIT SHE DOES! HOW COULD YOU RUIN THAT FOR ME! The village is set in modern day Mr Glass set up all the acidents. Water kills the aliens. It was the Butler Romeo and Juliet die Roy is the dominant personality, Aaron was made up Germs kill the mart...