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Benza in The Piercing/Tattoo Thread.
Fun wrote:
i just cant imagine it being a very nice process.

It's not that bad really, you just get slightly bigger earings every couple of months, usualy only increasing by a couple of millimeters in diameter each time.
Benza in Tattooed!
Fork wrote:
As opposed to tatoos that are animations with song and dance?

No I mean one thats just a normal picture as opposed to one thats actully a design.
Benza in Dragonball Z
Benza in Tattooed!
geez shaunz what do you have against people with tattoos? you're like some sort of nazi tattooist :P seriously though you should get teh rei on your arm or something That would be ridiculously expensive I think. Mainly because thats not one of the normal tattoo patterns. And I think the person real...
Benza in Looking For Group: The Musical
He's a lock, the comic isn't strictly based on WoW just strongly influenced by it. Their preist is an orc, the trolls in it look more like the trolls in Lord of the Rings the WoW etc.
Benza in Australian Idol 07
Fork wrote:
There was 1 hillarious guy - the kid singing about how he likes to fuck mothers

Was it the Butterfingers song or just a random one?

Also they need to cut to the fucking chase and have Red Simon with his big fucking gong as one of the judges.
Benza in Dragonball Z
Seriously, I think DBZ would have been heaps better if they cut out like a hundred odd eppisodes, shit was awesome but dragged on WAY too fucking long.
Benza in Tattooed!
I'd love to get sleeves or something, I know a guy that has a big world war 2 dog fight as sleeves, but I'm a huge pussy and probbably never will.