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Benza in Be Kind, Rewind
The description spoon wrote sounded fucking horrible, then I saw Michelle Gondry was directing it, there is nothing he's (I think its a he, he's french or something?) done that wasn't fucking awesome.
Benza in Die Hard 4.0
Fun wrote:
the exploding was good, the movie was not.

It's Die Hard, seriously what else do you want besides explosions and Bruce wIllis saying Yippie Kaie Mother Fucker before he kills the bad guy?
Benza in 30 minutes of 90's cartoon intros
Spoon wrote:
Benza wrote:
And surely you'd have to have seen more than three.

I only HAVEN'T seen three. Sherlock Holmes, Pirates of Darkwater and that Dragon Ball Z looking one at the end. I watched every single other cartoon there :P

What about Eek the cat, that show was the shit.
Benza in Die Hard 4.0
Who the hell goes to watch Die Hard for a coherent plot?

It had Bruce Willis shotting shit and lots of epic explosions. Thats what Die Hard is all about.
Benza in 30 minutes of 90's cartoon intros
I'd seen pictures from The Critic before but i didn't have a clue what it was and i really didnt think it was a kids show. What does being a kids show have to do with anything? The dude narrating The Maxx one was a serial rapist for gods sake :P Seriously, I think I only haven't watched like three ...
Benza in Chocolate Rain Live
does anyone actully have a clue what the fuck the songs about? I've heard it god only knows how many times and I still don't have a fucking clue.
Personly I think they should have new charecter skins for deathknights, since they are adding all new customisation shit anyway. When arhtras whent from pally to deathknight he whent from blonde haired, blue eye healthy young dude to a white haired anemic looking freak of nature. Hope our charecters...
grinding? there'll be quests and shit. pay per month does suck but meh, they are maintaining a mini-world... coolish. im actually downloadin the patch now...gonna play i think..i did delete my characters tho so i think ill play casually horde for now on jubei. hang out with benza. Might even call m...
WTF, that figure doesn't even look like rei. Also Rei is the single worst charecter to have ever existed in a show, seriously she bugs me more then Shinji, her only point is fap material for sad pathetic losers that are terrified of a girl that actully has an oppinion of there own and want nothing b...