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cailo- in Mission Statement 2016
In the past few weeks we have had a rapid revival and its absolutely freaking amazing, it's, now its common to see 20+ people online. We couldn't of done it with out our loyal members who do it for the love we have for our guild and our passion to keep it a force. Well done everyone ***APPLAUD!***....
cailo- in Looking ahead.
We are having much fun even when not raiding. This happened the other day, we were going to a mythic dungeon when I noticed rare Pound Fist had spawned who drops a rideable gron mount, guaranteed to be award to anyone to who attacks him. I told the guild but I think it was Enesis who attacked him ea...
cailo- in Looking ahead.
This post was made too early everything has changed for the best in the past couple of months.

Everyone is having a great time and everything is going great. Go team. :D


cailo- in Twelve Progression
Matey wrote:
lol classic magpie and his horrible dps.

That was for overall data and he was late to the raid from work. Check out his 76k dps he was actually on top.

This was also Lumi's first raid in 5 years so it was nice to see him back.
cailo- in Twelve Progression
It was a big night tonight with first time kills of heroic Iron Reaver, Kormrok, Hellfire High Council, Kilrogg Deadeye and Gorefiend.
Many familiar Twelve names in the dps department lead the way.

cailo- in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens
I really enjoyed the movie. I liked how it mimicked A New Hope a bit it made it feel nostalgic in a movie which was fundamentally different. I think one of the main differences come from how the force is treated, it was more of an enigma and a possible myth, but "It's true, all of it."...
cailo- in Hello! (:
Welcome Pillows. I don't think the Twelve Neverwinter guild is very active any more. We had a similar post recently, I'd sure like to see what is written in it because I'd like to make a similar post on the warcraft forums for our still active world of warcraft guild. You are welcome to stick around...
cailo- in Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser
I decided to delay my watching of this movie due to its poor reviews and its straight to streaming release. I watched this last night and I think it's a point you shouldn't base your own opinion on if something is worth watching on what other people think. This movie was great, it was a worthy seque...