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ratchan in Destiny
well at least the Cryptarch has learnt the error of his ways thanks to the bounty bot taking him into that dark alley.
ratchan in Playstation Plus [PSN+]
Yeah with Driveclub you can still earn the platinum trophy if you want to. Out of the games coming next week, I'll be getting Driveclub, Dust, Rainbow Moon and maybe Pix the Cat.
theres only been one ps3 game that was region locked and that was Persona 4 Arena. despite no region locking for games, DLC content 99.9% of the time is. there have been a few times where you could use DLC from Call of Duty from the European store on a US copy.
ratchan in Destiny
but the loot cave is gone :P. i think ill be on during weekends but other than that, im focusing back on some of my backlog. i was hoping to have Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate finished before getting Destiny but im well behind. and yeah im a filthy casual for playing only 8 hours a day haha. ive got to...
ratchan in Destiny
im now burnt out from playing around 5 to 8 hours a day. even more during the weekend.