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Two points i should make right now just resubbing. As a low level rogue, waiting for a dungeon is longer than i remember. Guess I will have to wait until im at end game as my bard takes an average of 10 minutes instead of over 30. Second. We have a FC house? Screw saving up some gil to buy my own, I...
ratchan in Doctor Who Series 8
So we finally got to see who the mysterious woman watching over the doctor is. Did not see that one coming.… i called it from ep 1 when i talked to a few people. i cant remember the last time we saw that character. not mentioning who it is to not be spoiling but the last time i remember was during ...
ratchan in [PS4] Driveclub
yeah. preloading isnt a problem for me. im usually awake when the ps store gets updated. wow 3 games i will be getting that have platinums now. dust an elysian tail, rainbow moon and drive club. this will be a busy month with Oneechanbara and Samurai Warriors 4 at the end of the month :O