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Fork in Uhh, hi!
I thought it had something to do with Mance Rayder from Game of Thrones at first.

So why necromancer? Diablo 2? Or do you just like playing with dead things?
Fork in [POTM] for October 2015
It is a bit saddening, but as you can see by the graph it's nothing new. We're all growing up, with changing priorities, moving interstate/countrially (just made up a word for you jerks) on top of the world becoming busier and busier. The main thing is that we try to stick together and keep in touch...
Fork in Uhh, hi!

As I mentioned on Slack, I don't think there's any of us playing Neverwinter anymore I'm afraid =/

But Twelvians play all sorts of games, so check out some other forums and different channels on Slack and see if anything tickles your fancy :)
Fork in The Walking Dead
where it says spoiler, type uberspoiler eg:

[uberspoiler]like this[/uberspoiler]


no, i don't want it to be true! well, i do, but it's sad.

also wtf was darryl up to this episode? make up your fucken mind mate!
Fork in The Walking Dead
@Beefy: Could be filming for a en episode full of soppy flashbacks or some shit, or him in zombie makeup which would be cool. Also white it definitely looked like he got his guts eaten in front of us, the dickhead's body could have fallen on top of him and me miraculously survived... but I doubt...
Fork in Discord, Slack for Gamers?
Interesting. Very similar to Slack, but the built in voice stuff is cool. Some other nifty features like Instant Invite. Though we're already heavily integrated with Slack, but if this improves it could be cool and worth the effort to switch over. Will have to keep an eye on it. Do they have Austral...
Fork in Doctor Who Series 9
Ep 5 was all about vikings and the thing with showing advanced technology seems like magic to undeveloped civilisations. Is it me or is this season going to be more 2 part eps? How fucking great was this two parter!? I was a bit suss with the vikings at the start since I also had an episode of The ...
Fork in Wat (NSFW) Thread
I cannot stand to watch shows on TV, I despise ads.

It is fucking crazy, they're just taking the piss.

Something has gotta change in this age where cord cutters are getting more and more common.
Fork in Office Drone Hive 2015
I work to live, not live to work. I like the fact that generally after work I can forget about it and enjoy my life. This is important for me, I don't like taking work home with me at all and don't really like talking about work unless I'm there. The more senior your role gets, the less this is pos...
Fork in Survivor Season 31 - Second Chance
Agreed, fantastic to see so many players we know on screen at once and interacting with each other. Not only that but changing the way they play to break expectations. They must be prompted heaps by the camera people as the amount they say "this is my second chance" and "i want to mak...