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Malieus in Hello
Sorry I just have to point out the small thermal exhaust port, right below the main port. In that statement. 'Directly' does that mean you have indirectly, and how does one indirectly touch boob... I mean you either Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch it, cause you wanna feel dirty... or you don't. Cre...
Malieus in Stress Test tomorrow
Yeah, I was on too playing in sylvari starting area, game ran perfectly smooth for methis time,got to level 4 or 5, didnt know how to find any of you but so no luck, but still heaps of fun. Kept forgeting i could dodge when i ran out of thief mana, great little taste of the game. I will have to ask ...
Malieus in Buenos Dias B*****'s
I work at a bottleshop as the chief dispensor{Sales AssAnt} of liquid bread (its good for you), and I study Network Admin, but i also have a background in Graphic Design.
Malieus in Buenos Dias B*****'s
If you had to choose one tentacle on an octopus to satisfy your sexual hunger with, which one would it be? Draw a picture and upload it to our gallery to aid you in answering this question. :) Give me a few days to draw something up and get it scanned/shooped appropriatly. consider this an I.O.U, o...
Malieus in Buenos Dias B*****'s
Hi, I am a west aussie, just pre ordered GW2 and look for a guild to play with when I get on during the head start. I used to play WoW since BC, stoped just before release of Cata and came back twice to see what it was about (playing currrently to tick time over before GW2) I also tried out Rift (Se...