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Malieus in Nostalrius - Vanilla WoW
Jiminy wrote:
Malieus wrote:
Welcome Malieus, the Undead Warlock, Master of Demons and all round nice guy.
Someone send me a guild invite. :(

Why is your toon not called Steve? You're going to have to reroll.

Steve was taken.
Malieus in How Do You Pirate?
Cailo, look into plans were you get unlimited calls, I know as a Optus reseller at work we do a plan for $45 dollars a month, which comes with unlimited calls to local national and mobile numbers, unlimited text and if you have it bundled with home internet you get double your 3GB of quoata for data...
Malieus in Netflix Australia
Yes, Yes and YES. In the second season of the arrow, I am watched the 5th season of archer (no release on the 6th yet) and I am also watching supernatural agian. I have also started Hemlock Grove
Malieus in Netflix Australia
I just read this and I feel bad for using it now. Anyone have any recommendations for similar substitutes. I want plug and play for ease of use for the other in the house hold. But if not something with a bit of setup for myself is fuck (screw everyone else). Also preferably free and not so slow tha...
There are story driven games, but in them there's generally no real gameplay mechanics other than move and talk. Good point about the indie games, there's now a lot of puzzle games with cool mechanics like time manipulation and portals and stuff. I wonder what a game would be like that had some sor...