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Malieus in Next Expansion - X of Y
I recently used my free 7 days text scroll to obtain enough gold to play for free now I spend 30 min a day in my garrison making 1k to get my next month. Looking forward to using this to get enough time to play next expac. Hopefully release is just after exams.
Malieus in Diablo 3 - Do it all again
I will be normal seasoning be with my lady friend because she loves Diablo. Feelse free to drop into our games/I will yours. I am thinking a witch doctor or demon hunter this season.
Malieus in Footnote about Pride
Amusing, here I thought you had something to discuss from another viewpoint. Looks like all you had was personal attacks and pointless analogies. Let's just agree to disagree, then. Sorry, didn't mean it to come across as an attack. Just trying to show that as humans a lot of our most successful en...
Malieus in Footnote about Pride
Let's start with the little things first, let's get those basic blocks of an evolved civilization into place. Then, when we've learned to look after our own species, can we realistically look to becoming the true custodians of the planet we call home. Until then, back to the drawing board we go. Wh...
Malieus in Footnote about Pride
Does it matter? Fuck people act like these issues are so important, if people can get married or if women earn enough money, who fucking cares, don't be an asshole, and call someone out on being an asshole when you see it. I would hope people would do the same for me. Seriously who give a fuck if pe...
Malieus in The Update Thread
Salin wrote:
But, without any further delay, I give you the culmination of many many hours of effort, Sunrise.…

Fucking grats buddy!
Malieus in 12 Monkeys
Spoon wrote:
Way to read, Steve!

Way to grammar spoon, you can't use a past tense word as a present tense verb.
Malieus in The Avengers
I enjoyed it, saw it with my uncle and my girlfriend, half way through she got bored of drinking her drink and watching the movie and decided that my crouch was too dry and needed moistening. But other than the random wet lap and ass moment the movie was pretty good. I think they did a great job of...
Since I got my new computer the biggest thing that I have notices that has improved it is, the SSD hard drive. GTA V seems to run alright on it with high settings (not ultra). i5-4590 @ 3.3GHz - CPU 8GB RAM GTX 770 - GPU ASRock Fatal1ty h97 Performance - Mobo Haven't come across anything that it ca...