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Tristen in Evolve
Anyone playing this on PS4 ? wondering if it is worth getting?

It seems like the kind of game you would play for a month of 2 then shelve ?
Tristen in Heroes of the Storm
Fun wrote:
I only just started giving this some real time of day, but I'm amazed at the saturation of micro-transactions in it. Far more than I anticipated.

They merged with Activision.. what did you expect.
Tristen in Latest Movies Watched
I got a real Saving Private Ryan feel to the movie. When watching the movie I got a sense of 'so this must have been what it was like to ride in a tank during the war'. But that ending was just such a crock of shit it just removed any of that from me. I know the tank battle was a great simulation an...
Tristen in Latest Movies Watched
I highly recommend Fury . If you can watch this one in an IMAX screen, then do so. This is a great war movie, and more specifically, an outstanding tank movie . I loved it but the final scene ruined the whole movie for me to the point where I hated it. All...