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Tristen in Proposed Raiding Time Table
I like it. I cant raid on any mondays, tuesdays, fridays and most saturdays. As a pally ZG loot is shit for me (only thing im pissed off i cant get is rep for the quest chest piece ><) Only thing i would like to suggest is add something after ony i.e AQ20 and or ZG all depending on the raid calender...
Tristen in What alt to make?
nah priest is out of the question, and a druid

im over the healing shit, if i die i want it to be because i pulled too much agro, or no one healed me, something i cant do as a pally.

+ shadow priests are a bit limited to damageing attacks, SW:P, MF MB.. thats it aint it heh ?
Tristen in Discussion: Class Leaders
You dont need them imo. were quite capable in sorting our own own buffs. The only advantage i see is so other people of that class can turn to someone for guidance.

Ally and spoon already tell each class what to do anyways.
Tristen in What alt to make?
I am a bit undecided as to what alt to make. After playing 2 pallys for over a year i think its about time i tried something new. I was thinking Either Lock, Warrior, or Mage. I want to roll a rogue but i think ill wait till he expansion. Keep in mind that this class will be mainly for pvp so i want...
Tristen in Leaving
I fail to see how this will make things better. In twelve you have people who you know and new commers who you can build new relationships with. With Penance, they only want you because your a mage. Here, we want you firstly for the person you are and … your enchants and because ur a mage :P The sam...
Tristen in Class Leaders
i nominate myself for pally. This is my 2nd pally. I have a 60 pally on firetree (shithouse server) was in the no. 2 guild there and very knowlageable . I may not be 60 yet but slowly getting there. Leveling my first pally, i was at tafe part time, now i work so its a little harder.