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thorment in Riots in Australia
Take the good with the bad. I strongly disagree. I think no religion should rightly impose their own laws on any Australian citizens provided it impugns on any of their rights, civil or otherwise. No blade, just because you're far away it does not mean you can just write it off as something trivial...
IMO, "Killing as a fundamental game mechanic" is simply confirmation bias. I mean, if your preferred genre are games with kill mechanics, then sure, you'll only notice those sor oft games. Fact of the matter is, people play games to do stuff they would normally not do. Killing games just h...
thorment in Office Drone Hive 2015
Which one of Chemistry, Anatomy and Statistics gives Steve advanced degrees in Quantum Physics? I was also wondering this. I think steve is more likely to grow you a new heart or create a new range of synthetic recreational drugs with zero side effects than build a rocket. Context. He gave me a tal...
thorment in Office Drone Hive 2015
Nice Steve! I fully expect you to make an non oxygen based rocket to launch yourself into the Langrarian point and discover how to harness quantum vacuum fluctuation energies to create wormholes so we can finally leave this planet.
thorment in Star Citizen Megathread
Idk doc, we're really not. Best dockers we got are our 2 cutlasses... Biggest we could hit is a freelancer. Anything bigger and its a waste or just downright impossible.
thorment in Star Citizen Megathread
Fun wrote:
kiral wrote:
Hunterbob wrote:
And how many dollars is that badass mo fo?

Only $325USD!

Find me a mining platform for that much of a bargain anywhere else!

I think I prefer the mining bots to a platform cuz it looks way cooler