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thorment in Killing Floor 2
Last night's highlight:

1) 0llie advises me best wep for my class has been dropped on the ground.
2) I try to pick it up
3) ????
4) PROFIT. for the boss as he traps me in that corner and has his way with me
thorment in Star Wars Battlefront
kiral wrote:
Spoon wrote:
Missed revenue stream, idiots

I'd pay $10,000 for an AT-AT

you might actually be able to fulfill your sperg fantasy

@OP yeah galactic conquest and space battles were the stuff that I was keen to play, a la x-wing or tie fighter.. but i guess not.
thorment in Star Wars Battlefront
kiral wrote:
I think everyone should calm down and reserve judgement until the game is actually out.

Sorry that's way too logical for the average gamer.

Nope. this game is arbitrarily fucked. Just lyk star citizen. amiryt?
thorment in Riots in Australia
Woah, woah, woah. Easy on the commas there man . Alright. So we have people [racists or otherwise] who think there are potential problems [regarding Islam]. These people want for no special treatment for minorities. Despite their irrational fears, you are simply putting the onus of proof on them. I...
thorment in Riots in Australia
Fun wrote:
thorment wrote:
Fun wrote:
Malieus wrote:
Where equality and fairness are not just right's but mundane.

what does this mean

You seem a bit confused, here

You're not clever.

thorment in Riots in Australia
You seem to be misinformed of the scale of their rally. I'm not going to lie though, with only that many people its going to amount to nothing and be taken the wrong way. In fact people already have. Actually the saddest thing is that these bogans and bigots are the only ones voicing out concerns vi...