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thorment in [FC] Raiding Information
Nice one Thor. Would you say turn 13 was easier than 12? Everything I hear says 12 is more difficult mechanic wise and turn 13 with echo is easier because things that one shot can no longer with the health buff. 13 is definitely harder Blade. Even if things don't one shot you, they still wreck face...
thorment in Free Tech Advice
I'm more concerned with the lack of actual stats when the error happened.. OSD temp monitors (MSI afterburner) will allow you to see computer status while playing... I overlooked how kon said something is making a noise? Does it sound like a fan is caught on something? (That's about the only thing t...
thorment in What are you currently playing?
Yo cailo! We should wing. Come drop in mumble sometime :)

I'm at imperial space...

I'm playing besieged in steam, ffxiv, occasional HOTS with the Salin Waldy and ethnick, E:D when time allows it and SC: vanduul swarm coop
Imo if you're concerned with budget don't buy hardware if you don't need to change anything. Don't upgrade because of hype either.

That being said, this CPU and these mobos only add up to $500 or less, and is more than enough for your gpu. That's plenty of cash left for mem and PSU/fans
You better start saving, cuz it ain't gonna be cheap. I'll build a new box after NVIDIA releases their 2nd gen HBM gpu's. tldr there's gonna be a massive hardware leap by the time PCIE3 is outdated, around 2016-2017.