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Stamps in Rescue Me
Spoon wrote:
Zodiak wrote:
How is it depressing and is there skin?

Everything that could possibly go wrong in this guy's life -- does.


I LOVE It when they decide to quit drinking - and only drink wine because they could drink gallons of it and not get drunk lol..
Stamps in I Need New Headphones
Those fuckers will never see the sunshine my friend :) -- the use case is sitting at my desk at work for 10 hours a day. I'll lock them in my desk - its Japan you can leave $200 on your desk and no one will take it - but I am not taking chances with $1500. I have never heard anything like them - ser...
Stamps in Rescue Me
Its regular TV I believe - FX - so no full on penetration.

But its good. I am downloding Seasons 1-7 now, it will take 100 years through my VPN but meh whatever.
Stamps in Rescue Me
Good call - I have been looking for a long series to get back into again and this is a fantastic show. It did dip a bit where you mentioned, but picks back up strong.
Stamps in I Need New Headphones
Listened to these in the shop yesterday: Wow. Unbelievable. They are expensive - 140,000 yen or $1500USD, or 5 times the Audio-Technica h...
Stamps in I Need New Headphones
I was listening to these in the shop today: .: ATH-PRO700MK2ANV LIMITED EDITION Professional DJ Monitor Headphones :. They sounded EXCELLENT just being driven directly by by iPhone. They were not being amplified at all and they...
Stamps in pads and tablets (oh the ambiguity!)
Yeah - I haven't purchased one yet. I always have buyers remorse - as soon as I buy something the next version immediately comes out making my product old. I am thinking of looking at the new iPad mini when it comes out. Otherwise until the Android tablets match the resolution of the iPads - no way ...
Well - I tried and tried and tried - nothing I disabled fixed it. So - I dug around to see if I had any sort of media - and I found Dell had lovingly created an invisible partition on my drive - and a little piece of software with a function called "reset to factory settings". Because its ...
Stamps in DayZ - ArmA 2 Zombie Survival Mod
I finally got a gun! Hooray! I made it to what looked like an old pharmacy. But - I screwed up! I picked up some flares, and then I was trying to pick up a large backpack that was on the ground - but instead of opening it - I was throwing flares inside the place! I must have thrown 6 flares before I...
Stamps in Guys... I have a confession.. [Rhianna]
There is a rumor she might be at the Eminem concert here in Tokyo I am seeing Friday. Crossing my fingers :) I know Dre is in town - he was doing interviews at the Apple store in Ginza today pimping his "beats" headphones (which, sidebar: I am not impressed with). Anyway - she's awesome - ...
Thanks - yeah - there is a Logitech app in the background controlling the mouse. It DOES have profiles. I just set it up to only use the DEFAULT profile - it had two sections for profiles - Default and Persistent - the Default was set to "default" and the Persistent was set to "blank&...
I am using a Logitech G600 gaming mouse. I DID add that recently. And reformating the computer sucks - because its a laptop, and Dell didn't give me a backup disk - so I don't even have Windows media or anything - just the laptop. MUCH easier said than done. I use the WebRoot anti-virus - been using...