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Stamps in Welcome to Twelve Guild Wars 2
kummy wrote:
Hi guys,

I couldn't find the details anywhere on the OP, but is our server definitely going to be IoJ?


This much I know.

As for the OP - we will fight with honor and tentacles.
Stamps in Twelve 5 bugs
When you are looking at a thread, say page 2 of 2 pages - it looks like the "1" of the little page bar is pushed IN and the page you are on, 2 is pushed out. In my beer and pot soaked head this seems opposite of what it should be - if I am on page 2 it should look "selected" or p...
Stamps in Latest Movies Watched
I watched The Adustment Bureau and American Pie reunion today. Adjustment Bureau: better than I thought, and I like the ending actually. Not Matt's best to be honest, but "OK". American Pie Reunion: I love the series, won't apologize for that - love it. It is the same shit as the rest of t...
Stamps in Hi everyone!
Yaaaaay! More girls! In MS paint draw yourself, drawing yourself, inside of a prison while being butt-raped by a unicorn. Upload this to the Twelve Gallery and link it here. This request is pure win - well played Hanlol. Well played indeed. Welcome to our merry band of misfits - I hope you escape w...
Stamps in Twelve Gym [Iron Man Remedial]
I just read this book, and it ws VERY illuminating. It gets very technical, but if you follow through you will see that for some people - ME - being fat is NOT a simple equation of less food in face and more exercise. I...
Stamps in Hi there~
Welcome! I am sure you will have fun with us - we certainly will have fun with you, whether you like it or not :) I can stand on one foot for like, minutes. At least. That's my special skill. A quote that I live by: The thing is, Bob, it's not that I'm lazy, it's that I just don't care. Well enough ...
Stamps in Hi guys
Hello! Welcome to the fold, I am sure you will fit right in.

I will warn you most of us are a bit "off" - well OK not most but at least me - so there you are warned.

I love babies, I do - but I don't think I could eat a whole one.

Stamps in I Need New Headphones
At 1500 I'd be checking out the rest in the range. Once you go above 500 it's a totally different environment. I'm hoping you will be adding an amp to them and not attaching them to a shitty computer/iPhone.. Yep - I'll be getting a Fiio E17 most likely. With these headphones they sound fantastic w...
Stamps in How Do You Pirate?
OK. I want to pirate "better" - but I don't want to pay a bunch of money per month to do it. What is the best way to get TV shows - sometimes old episodes - and movies now and then, and the odd album. I have a laptop and an iMac - I am not looking for sophistication here - but it would be ...
Stamps in Hulloooo
Hello and welcome! I am really looking forward to your masterpiece now :) "I have a tablet, is that fair?"… Shiiiiiit.….

hehehehehe - the PRESSSSSURE IS ON!!!

Just kidding have fun with it and welcome to the clan mate!
Stamps in Hi there
Hi Ramee - welcome to 12.

What other games have you spent significant time playing?

Have you participated in any of the GW2 beta events? What did you think?