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Fun in Free Tech Advice
Attempt to run various monitoring programs while games are open and see what shits itself Monitoring program such as..? Google wasn't much help on that front. That sounds like a good idea though, biggest issue is I can't figure out what the fuck is wrong. I feel like Gregory House and all I know is...
Fun in Free Tech Advice
Hello netizens. I too am in need of free tech advice. I recently moved house, and obviously my computer, and since turning it on have been suffering significant performance issues and intermittent crashes. Dota 2/CS:GO/everything is unplayable. Massive FPS drop issues and just generally awful perfor...
Fun in Twelve Slack
The mobile app is fucking outstanding.

Really impressed with the platform as a whole.
Fun in What We Do in the Shadows
Spoon wrote:

Fun wrote:
Yeah I saw this a while back and had been meaning to post about it. One of my favourite movies for 2014, total change of pace and really well written and the acting was exceptional.

Absolutely must watch from 2014.

what an insightful cunt
Fun in Office Drone Hive 2015
That's bullshit and you're being exploited. That being said, if you can't afford to lose the job just grit, bear it, and start looking for alternative work immediately. You are going to have to drive the change in your life/employment, and you deserve better than that bullshit. On your way out try a...
Fun in Office Drone Hive 2015
I think I'd happy work 8-6 Mon-Thursday if it meant not working Fridays.

Although I'm not sure how much I'd love that in practice.