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Fun in Game for the bored..
A guy in my old realm made a thread like this a while back during maintenence (<3 KD, only Harold will understand that :P) and seeing as I'm incredibly bored, I'll float it here. It works like this, someone starts it by writing a sentence, and then the next poster adds onto it. Its pretty self expla...
Fun in Photoshop Thread
I can't draw for shit on the PC and I don't have a scanner so I can't flaunt my rather lacking drawing skills :P I DO have a Wacom Art Tablet which I just got for free (ftw) but I got it without a pen so I need to buy a new one..anyone know where to buy?
Fun in Yo
I watched it for like the 4th time ever. Decided that Mr. Greasy, the guy who was selling moodrings nfi what his name was, is a gaylord. That Sky chick is hawt. Harold is nuts. Paul is a bad actor. Issy is hawt. Ned's gf can't dance. Mr. Greasy's sister looks like she is constantly smelling shit, wo...
Fun in Yo
Haha Harold goes nuts...its so so funny
Fun in Photoshop Thread
Did you sketch it on paper and then scan it on...or was that just done on PS..? Talking about the sketch, not the finished piece.