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Hobz in Recent Guild Happenings
I took 50k cause when i left there was no raid group left, there was barely any twelve, this was when Cailo got GM. Which was after I passed on the opportunity (i can be a mean cunt and lose my temper in raid sometimes so I wasn't the right dude) So bitch please if i was out to rob people i currentl...
Hobz in Recent Guild Happenings
Jin you got Twelve as a whole wrong that's all I'm saying. Some of the most respectful people that you'll meet here, we play the cunt card, but we're never out to further some guild agenda. Unless that agenda is apply the best of the group knowledge to help other guildies make good calls in the toug...
Hobz in Twelve Meet 2014
Thanks heaps for a great time, I haven't let loose like that in a good while; fun times were definitely had. The 10 hour trip home was safe and eventful, I got a picture of a roadwork sign and a cow to add to my collection. Glad to hear your tyre got sorted out Seylana, always happy to help out. :P ...