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Cakes in This Is The End
Michael Cera getting a BJ while drinking a juice pop was fucking insane.
And Jonah Hill beingpossessed was a laff too.

One of the few movies I've laughed out loud to in the cinema for a while.
Cakes in Trollied (British Comedy)
So a few days ago I went hunting for some shows that would make me laugh. Trollied was the first I downloaded and right from the first episode I had bouts of hysterical laughter. If you've ever worked in retail or customer service, watching this show just puts light on all the shit bits you've ever ...
Cakes in Dark Knight Trilogy Facts
Fun wrote:
It always blows me away how much weight Vale gained for that role, and how rapidly he did it. His training mindset must be ridiculous.

Is there a cult reason why he is named Vale?