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Cakes in My First Week as a Twelvian.
Fork wrote:
All of the above, plus farm animals.

Sometimes I just don't know how to respond.
Pics from the last meet look very similar to my local landscape.
Or one of the meets, the country one.
Cakes in My First Week as a Twelvian.
Hanlol wrote:
If you're still here after the 2 week trial Cakes, you are welcome to the Gold Coast meet in December

If so, I will be cooking up a storm. Unless the idea is to eat trash and drink, vomit and make fun time.
Cakes in My First Week as a Twelvian.
What's it mean when your poo is a greyish green colour? Drink nesquik with blue food colouring and poo green! I suppose that makes sense. The night before I had many cocktails with Blue Curacao in them.. I just thought it curious at the more grey colour and that it persisted for more than a day. Ah...
Cakes in My First Week as a Twelvian.
Well either way I earned the achievement of Hm Chimi whilst with the Twelve banner.
I'll be honest, I've been here 24hrs and I already feel at home, more so than I have felt in any guild for nearly 3 years, if not longer.
Soon I will be singing on vent and everything for you.
Cakes in My First Week as a Twelvian.
So, yesterday I was given the opportunity to don the tabard of a Twelve initiate. Upon the greetings and welcomes upon the heralding of my joining, the chat quickly turned of course, too boobs. First was our guild shadowpriest, dishing out solid challenges to Mimic about the opportunity to get a fla...