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Cakes in Hard Candy imdb I'm not even sure how I stumbled across this movie today, but I saw it on a site and just decided to randomly download it. I believe it was because it had Ellen Page, who I've always liked, and also because when I visited imdb, they gave it over 7 stars; I was also curio...
Cakes in You Laugh, You Lose
Shrewmkin wrote:
Seylana wrote:
I dont understand how thats funny D:

The sun doesn't set when it's morning. Laughing at peoples stupidity is what made it YLYL.

Though I am sure we all have lost when it comes to laughing at Beefy, that guy is an amazing joke.

I think he is perhaps a Grand Troll.
Cakes in Ylvis - The Fox
Stonehenge was fucking awesome. It pisses me off how epic and amazing these songs are. Fuck you Ylvis for being retardedly awesome!
Cakes in What are you listening to?
Fork wrote:
I don't care what people think, Limp Bizkit was fucking amazing at Soundwave!


My friends' band is opening for them next year on their sideshows. =D