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Magpie in Stupid things you have done
-I used my riding crop until 74 before I realizing that it was useless... -caused one of the fastest wipes in raid history after being summoned to Sunwell on Twins and falling of the ledge. -Pulling aggro on Thad during undying run, and of course fucked that run up for everyone. there are more but t...
Magpie in Undyinginging and Junk.
So the time is ticking for people to get the pretty flying mounts. I am happy to help those in need, the plan is to keep Magpie's saves for achievement runs only between now and that patch. Who is keen to get some done? Who still needs quite a few? Post here or whisper me in game to organize somethi...
Magpie in Inc Cappa
so i am like 98% through my massive 12 gig cap at the moment, so like i will be in the cheer squad for the rest of the week :cry: upgrading to higher cap next month, sick of this shit fukn. Was hoping to be there to see 3 mini homo's and their homo leader die this week but oh well, good luck with it...
Magpie in WTB new router... any suggestions?
The Router is in. I decided to go with Netgear. yes the old D-link will server as a mighty door stop for its remaining time on this earth. So far the range on this thing shits all over the old one, but considerin...
Magpie in UIs
Clownshoes wrote:
Skinner, barf barf barf barf. The rest is sexy, turn off omen borders and set recount transparency low imo!