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Magpie in @dwy
Darkshaunz wrote:
Make an entire thread about it, why don't you.

So anyone still afraid of Swine Flu?

just don't root any pigs and you should be fine.
Magpie in Crysto - Hacked
Meanwhile in China: Gold Farmer: "Superior, Superior!" Overlord Chai: "Yes unit 340, what is your report?" Gold Farmer: "This one is very bountiful harvest" Overlord Chai: "Yes good, now your family will eat tonight. Good work" Overlord Chai: "When I say...
Magpie in Uldar 10man
Shanth wrote:
Bah I have a 21st party on Sunday starting at Noon... yeah...

who in their right mind has a 21st on a sunday afternoon?
(pro tip, this is what Saturday nights are for)
Magpie in Sons of Hodir
I thought I'd share my painful experience with the Thrusting Spear (pwn wild wyrm) quest. Annoying: Finding the motherfucker - sometimes took 5 minutes to spawn. First two tries: Couldn't see the "grip" de/buff so I kept falling. Next try: Ok cool now I know what to do, let's do this - da...