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Magpie in Twelve raids again!
Salin wrote:
Gel wrote:
Mate, you would be more than welcome.
ATM we're aiming for Wednesday nights and possibly thurs night.

Saw this and resubbed to play with you guys again, wednes and thurs are my days off :D

Love your work mate!
How's old spreadsheets Crysto doing these days? the more the merrier
Magpie in Twelve raids again!
Progression! Awesome night of "raiding" last night with some smelly folk from Twelve - Frostmourne. Now most guilds would laugh at us for being excited about killing 4 HFC bosses on normal, but it was so much fun and we hope to make it a regular thing. Anyone wanting to join in on the fun...
Magpie in Its not the real Pie
Fork wrote:
Wow, that's pretty nuts.

Did you use a new/obscure addon that might have been the compromised one?

nothing out of the ordinary fork, just the usual ones like
rating buster
trade skill info
big brother
Magpie in Its not the real Pie
This is a quote from the email blizzard sent me "DO NOT TRUST ADD-ONS DOWNLOADED THROUGH A CLIENT or AUTOMATIC UPDATER- It is always best to go directly to the website and NOT download through any client. Clients are peer-to-peer networks that bypass the computer's security settings. Anytime yo...
Magpie in Its not the real Pie
Remedial wrote:
he is actually, hmm hopefully someone is on that can fix this

also you can't be an officer without an authenticator, so how did you get hacked Mr Pie?

i'll be sure to let you know when/if I find out.