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Moradim in How do you look like?
I learned the hard way never to follow links on this forum
I lost my threadginity to Spoon...I gotta say though Spoon that was smooth linking to the "first page" in the thread
I fell for it
I was recently recruited into Twelve so I'm pretty new...and well I figured you guys might want to see who you're recruiting I chose this pic to show my not-so-nerdy side :D I'm the one on the far left That is Moradim Now I want a pic of this hot gin...
Moradim in don't read, testing
I could have easily put some pics of ginus getting horse-raped and you would have all opened the thread
Although, knowing Twelve, you guys probably would have enjoyed it :\
Moradim in Onyxia, Thursday 13th April
OMGZ Shaun I heard that guy the EU Guildmaster He was fucking FUMING that clip is hysterical btw, Spoon I'm signed up and it's my very first Ony run, so please point me in the direction of a decent warlock Ony strat so I don't aggro in phase 1 like everyone's talking about ang get laughed at and moc...
Moradim in Warlock strategy
/me reconsiders respec to demon
I love my dps, but soul link is pretty badass
been considering it for a while now

but hey as you all know
my staff is a good one
Moradim in Your new priestly spec.
For any priest going shadow spec, PLEASE go 100% shadow before you touch disc Honestly speaking, you have to be selfish (Shadow priests are) You need to get Shadowform ASAP, it's the most important part of Shadow priests' gameplay Once you get that, think about picking up IMP:PWF and IMP:PWS Shadowf...