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Moradim in Great Commercials
It was doing something the whole time if you had audio on, you are definitely not the target audience. That car is stupidly nice (and expensive). I believe that all cars would do that if all muffler / exhaust systems were removed like that was. Your car (for most of us) goes using combustion, there'...
Moradim in Game of Thrones - Season Three
I love that the show finally reached the Red Wedding. Besides this and the other wedding there aren't many climactic moments to come.…. People are reacting the way I expected. Their tears nourish me. Spoon with respect to dire wolves as you can see all things dire wolf are pretty much at a close...
Some games have to be played in the dark. I exclusively play Alan Wake in the dark with the sound up - as you would a horror movie. The last time I played it I only lasted 10 minutes before turning it off because it was way too fucken scary. This pleases me, I just bought Alan Wake franchise for $4...
Moradim in The Last Question
Spoon wrote:
Do you guys think this was a major influence on Douglas Adams when writing The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?

The similarities between Multivac and Deep Thought seem quite striking

Just making reference to HGG gets you a vote.
Moradim in Man beheaded on the streets of London
Docilus wrote:
Hunterbob wrote:
Moradim wrote:
Goddamnit Muslim extremists stop ruining it for the rest of us moderate Muslim folk.

Says the fully armed cartoon man! ;)

Read that, then looked at his llama avatar, then lost.

They really are a stupendous combination
Moradim in Whose Line Is It Anyway?
Drew Carey has what I would consider to be the most rock-solid gig on television, besides maybe America's Funniest Home Videos.
He probably got approached and rejected the offer. He hosts what is effectively a piece of American Entertainment History.
Moradim in Vikings
Thanks Fork that wasgreat. I love how Eric is pretty much the exact same.