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Dragnat in Things you only think you only do
Best way to get rid of a body is not say how you would. Though one technique I would use is a trademark style used by certain hits/gangs, personal favourite is neckties and glazlow smiles (they just look great). mmm Colombian neck ties, that's cute. Pretty sure you hack the body up, throw it into a...
I'm pretty sure Dynasty quit because he wasn't getting raid spots despite showing up everynight for like 2 months? His friend also quit a while ago and the rest of you melee are not the most sociable or friendly bunch when a player isn't 'world class' or whatever so yea :P - i kinda saw this coming...
Dragnat in You Rage, You Lose
Darkshaunz wrote:
Guys just take solace in the fact that Australia won't be as bad as this:


"Chinese road fatalities - increasing global food security one hit and run at a time"
Dragnat in Suggestions
Yeah Colonel, I had a chat to Rem during last weeks raid and we changed it around so that we had 4 healers on Baleroc's decimation blade.
Resist it, buy them on console. The controls on PC are stupid. (workable, but stupid) I was embarrassed and didn't respond to this telling you that I didn't resist and had already bought them, despite you even telling me in the past that they're clunky on PC. I did however look up an awesome tool f...