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Jiminy in Footnote about Pride
I'm not going to lie, I've only briefly read this thread, but I have to weigh in on the one thing that pisses me off about the whole gay marriage drama Marriage is not about love. Stop saying it's about love. It's never been about love. It's an economical and financial arrangement that was designed ...
Jiminy in Game of Thrones - Season Five
All the things you have described happened in the books right down to the nude walk of atonement so as someone who has read them I can't subscribe to the notion that the TV show is doing any of it to add "shock value". As far as I'm concerned there hasn't been nearly enough shock death, nu...
Jiminy in Jurassic Park 2015
Just broke the record for all time biggest first weekend takings. 512 million or something. Which is insane. So it can't be too bad. Which also means in an effort to try to remain edgy and not mainstream most reviewers will give it a passive aggressive style review, saying something along the lines ...
Jiminy in Free Tech Advice
Kon, can you please look through your control panel (and BIOS) for power options etc. If you're on something like "balanced" or some shit that looks like it's meant to save power change it to performance.

Don't forget to check the BIOS for power settings also
Jiminy in Free Tech Advice
As an sparky the below figures concern me. I don't actually really know what voltages are supposed to be here, but I don't like to see a variation this massive. Least of all to a CPU which is highly sensitive to voltage variation. I would think that such a low voltage would have the CPU on the brink...
Jiminy in Jupiter Ascending
Horrible film. Story was pathetic, acting was sub-par, clunky all over. Even less exciting was the lack of Mila skin. I mean "get me out of this dress and in to something that will completely cover me up". fuck you. Yep. They managed to make two very attractive people look very unattracti...
Jiminy in Free Tech Advice
I think there's water in your PC. Water causes electrical devices to malfunction pretty badly. My advice is to move the computer away from water-inducing phenomena such as rain. Solid advice. Could also be fire. Check for fire first actually. If you find some, throw water at it. Then follow Shaun's...
Jiminy in Free Tech Advice
Grats Spoon! I agree with heat related, but will further say that switch mode power supplys can do funny things under high load/heat conditions. Well anything electronic really. Computers however are very very susceptible to low or over voltage and heat. Def get some analysis software running to giv...
Jiminy in Clash of Clans
I was doing that but this cunt queues up the next war almost immediately and I often end up in one more war than I planned.

Also I did a shit tonne of warring in the last clan and am pretty burnt out from it now so I don't mind much.
Jiminy in Clash of Clans
I must admit the clan we are in seems quite dedicated to earning me clan rewards. They did seem a little bum sore after I failed to attack in a war and have not put me in a war since which I don't mind as I don't have much time to dedicate to it right now anyway. I just try to keep one to two builde...