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moss in Melancholy: A New Direction
STORY TIME IN GERMANY GO!!!!!!! @Rem - excellent point, clearly they died because it was a horrible fighting style. It's not like the human body loses the ability to regenerate cells over time or anything. On a serious note, and this is probably what i should have posted the first time. Exercise, be...
moss in Melancholy: A New Direction
Make a weekly appointment with a high class hooker. Excellent way to blow some pay and turn an ordinary day into and extraordinary day. Or, buckle to convention and get a girl. probably get more sex, but its generally not as good(the sex), plus you have to keep them happy(not always possible).
moss in Inception
So maybe its just me, but im pretty sure his wife is actually going to be alive for the sequel. i can just see the writer doing something so half arsed. it is hollywood lol. Making terrible sequels is the name of the game over there right?
moss in Twelve's Active Games
omfg i cant wait for halo reach. anyone interested to hit that up on XBL add me, id = mossmahontuz
i play MW2 oftenish, cant remember my steam account name lol pretty sure im in the twelve steam group so add ame through there if your interested in a another gun slignin buddy.
moss in raid invites
i usually run an alt icc10 on sunday nights after the raid. anyone interested should hit me up outside of raid hours.
A note to consider is that the study doesn't count the public holidays provided in each country, which should be included when trying to ascertain the about of holidays taken in any given country. Given that there is not a uniform number of public holidays across countries. Just something to ponder.