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moss in Rest of WOTLK
I wasnt aware of that, so I can't really comment, but i know for FACT that moss/vic and others we helped with their drakes because they helped the rest of us when needed - so it was a little ty to them. Too right, i became new rezzy while he was away, putting in over 50 attempts solely on HM LK10 o...
moss in Great Quotes
@Darkshaunz - and is infact taken from Sun Tzu i do have a special one, that players of resident evil 4 might remember, said by the infamous Antonio Banderas "It's Game Time!" and ofcourse, by arnie "Do it!! Do it now!!!!! Get to da choppa!!!!!!!!!" for the shakespeare fans "...
moss in Rest of WOTLK
omg i got mentioned somewhere =D yay for moss... which is me.… yay for me! and, im not going to lie, its painful seeing BiS go to people who dont deserve them, or, people who do deserve them, but who never fucking turn up, except for the occasional loot night in order to get more stuff, which imo ma...
moss in Rest of WOTLK
There's nothing i want more from this game then to clear the content before the next xpac comes.

Honestly, would love a week to chill and hammer out some drakes. ICC25 and Uld 25 mounts. Then grind our face on the LK HM wall until that evil fuck dies!

So, option 3 for me.
moss in Inception
Okay so momento ill have to look into. The dark knight however, while agree it is a terrific movie, the first time. To date however, im yet to be able to sit through it again, i find it peaks far to early in the movie, and then the remainder just fails to entrall me in the story. Making its re-watch...
moss in Melancholy: A New Direction
btw in sydney, gym membership is usually about $30 a fortnight or $60 a month and its fairly standard to have 1 or 2year contracts, a word of advice, avoid "fitness first" like its a bitch with a rash on her gash. You should be able to get it a bit cheaper as a student, your uni probably h...