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moss in Sucker Punch
I think without babes and special effects... this movie would have nothing of substance left. I'm planning to see it, but it looks like a pretty weak storyline.
moss in Cold remedies
So im guessing you are well and truely infected by now. So, time to see a doctor and get some zombie tablets to numb the discomfort, then you can walk around mumbling/moaning about brains, instead of constantly feeling like shit.
moss in lawn mowing
cool response and stuff. First of all, i have no idea if they are still together or not. it appears to be a situations of, shit is complicated. so whatever. As to the ski masks.…. whatever, the faggot that jumps me better know what the fuck they are doing AND have a lawyer, cause i have both xD and....
moss in Camelot
Love spoons Monty Python quote xD My brother was telling me about this show, showed me a trailer and such, looks promising. My hopes are similar to Forks, but alas, my expectations are oh so high. Still, anything that reaches the level of rome/sparticus would be amazing, and hopefully its infinitely...
moss in lua errors
I really want to see someone with iinet post up. Ive heard really bad things about iinet international traffic.
moss in The Student Hub [occasional things]
what does marxism have to do with tradies and stay at home mums? i doubt they even know who Karl Marx was.…

Tooheys im in a similar boat i guess, im 25, in my final moments of uni and surrounded by people 3-5 years younger then i.