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Shrewmkin in Next Expansion - X of Y
I recently used my free 7 days text scroll to obtain enough gold to play for free now I spend 30 min a day in my garrison making 1k to get my next month. Looking forward to using this to get enough time to play next expac. Hopefully release is just after exams. This sounds like...a job? I hear farm...
Tristen wrote:
moss wrote:
Tristen wrote:

Don't stand in shit.
Move out with debuff
Kill adds

Why are you still here? Got bored over at the exilium forums, or (whatever that shocking guild name of yours is called). How is that going by the way?

Everyone should do "How I think Jim in this world works" How I think Jim in this world works: ⋅ Wakes up, wants a quickie from Corine, she says no because she is tired from looking after the baby. ⋅ Gets ready for work all pissed off for lack of sex. ⋅ Chills...
Shrewmkin in Summer Games Done Quick 2015 (SGDQ)
Jodenstone, he's the world number two on OoT Any% The killer for OoT is lord Juba Jubas belly and water temple... Neither of these are part of an Any% run though. The only dungeon they do is the Deku Tree and then they skip straight to the Ganon fight. Had to see the exploit, all I can say is... Wo...
Shrewmkin in Footnote about Pride
There was a recent documentary on ABC2*, which was about Polygamy. There was a view from a woman and two guys (who were apparently Bi, but not with eachother) and a Husband and Wife who picked up a female lover which helped their failing marriage. It was a pretty interesting watch, will post when I ...
Shrewmkin in Footnote about Pride
Freedom of speech is acceptable to the point until when it can be harmful to others. I think fucking your family members and giving birth to genetically messed up kids who are in constant pain could be considered as harmful to others. How about crack heads or alcoholics giving birth to already-addi...
Shrewmkin in Footnote about Pride
Pretty sure I want to marry someone because I love them and because marriage is a form of commitment in my mind. I don't really care why people marry, whether it's for love or financial reasons.. But saying that people don't get married because of love is possibly the dumbest thing excluding Matey ...
Shrewmkin in Footnote about Pride
The whole rainbow shit on FB was annoying and stupid, I hate those stupid fad's or w/e they are called. Glad that America actually legalised gay marriage, now we get to see some hysterical rednecks, Christians and Catholics going absolutely ape shit over it, it will provide some of the best entertai...