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Shrewmkin in Wings of Liberty Campaign Discussion
Ok sooo I am 2 Achievements away from Zeratul portrait and I am stuck on getting Maar'ked for Death and Overmind Dead Body, need help on those if anyone has suggestions >.<. Will be working on Rebellion missions, I can only see a problem with Blitzkrieg compared to final missions. Final achievement ...
Shrewmkin in Wings of Liberty Campaign Discussion
Defend against the canal path is way easier, just have a group of 12 banshee's doing the nydas canal killing and keep seige bunkers with MC towers nearby (just for ultralists/roaches/Hydra's) which was rare :S. I would then have about 15-20 BCs at the back saved for kerrigan just so you spam the yam...
Remedial wrote:
i'm practically an expert after finishing the first 2 missions on hard

so far all i've done is send waves and waves of my own men at them, i do like that you can select more than 12 units at once now though

Woah Rem is playing SC2 besides focusing on WoW?!?