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Shrewmkin in Peoples thoughts moving ahead.
Magpie was the one that wanted to push raiding and he found Exit Strategy, from that work the guild has found a new level of revival to the point we haven't seen in years. I thank him for his efforts but …. he just has to get over his hatred of Hobz. I mean can he at least explain his hatred here t...
Shrewmkin in Peoples thoughts moving ahead.
I don't think there's anything hard about installing addons. If anything, I imagine it has gotten even easier in the x years since I last played. Tell people at the start of the raid that they should have them. If they fuck up due to something basic in a fight that the addon would help with, ask th...
Shrewmkin in Hunter X Hunter
Finally ended up watching the anime. Up to episode 72 at the moment (Greed Island Arc). This is the thing that always amuses me about big anime series. 'Oh I think I might watch this, how many episodes are there? Oh...786' The difference Spoon is this is Hiatus X Hiatus... The fucken Anime and Mang...
Shrewmkin in StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void
So managed to get around to play some LOTV brutal campaign... Total joke... It's surprisingly so easy when you get Void Rays and Carriers. At the moment trying for the Masteries and that is by far harder than the Brutal campaign. Fun, but gets stale once you get the OP cluster comps going.
Shrewmkin in Looking ahead.
Jiminy wrote:
Haha, if you think you're going to have any time as the boy gets older, I've got some news for you.

Think about it, anyone heard from Bain? lol

Is he in jail for punching the father whose kid, hit his kid?
Shrewmkin in Rick and Morty
Well shit.. that just happened. I laughed... I teared up... I raged... Then I saw a dark ending... Hopefully the ship sticks to it's primary objective of: Keep Summer Safe. Best Episode of Season 2 by far. RIP Birdperson and hopefully Squanchy is still alive, cause his Hulking out moment was so imp...