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Melg in IRC
I havent been able to connect for a couple weeks and I dont know about any of the clients or whatever that you guys use so I kind of gave up.
Melg in Vanilla WoW - Kronos
I would love to get in on this if I have time but I may not so won't commit to any toon yet. If the dates roll around and I have time to log on I will!
Melg in The Walking Dead
I hope they kill that idiot for getting Noah and the other guy killed. Whaaaat a fuckwit. The death scenes for both of them were pretty brutal.
Melg in Banshee
So glad Cheyton is dead. He was bringing the storyline down. Agree with Spoon, I thought when he killed the lady and the neighbour was super brutal. Thats when I was like, yep youre not misunderstood youre a killer.
Time to get back to the good stuff in Banshee.
Melg in The Walking Dead
I'm still wondering who the hell sliced up all the people in Noah's town and left their bodies there to be turned into zombies... All the bodies which had their arms and legs sliced off had "XX" (or is it "W"?) carved onto their foreheads...(season 5, episode 9). They elude to t...
Melg in Banshee
Im still watching and loving it, I just always forget to post my toughts after I watch an ep. The heist was excellent and the camera angles were a great way to film it. Dont think I can recall any shows that have done this recently or even at all (at least well).

Very much looking foward to more!