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Melg in Twelve Infests Social Media
Yeah I like it, Fork has been doing gr8. I think if youre an idiot who never checks the forums its interesting enough to make me want to go check them.
Melg in Vikings
Amazing season finale, hate that this season is over already! Renewed for Season 4 though so yay.

If you arent caught up on this, get caught bitches.
Melg in Guitar Hero Live
Super keen, I replayed my Guitar Hero World Tour game too many times then I got sick of the same songs. Having new ones to play will be awesome. Will purchase!
Melg in Office Drone Hive 2015
Yeah I have no idea whats up with him, nobody does, thats why its frustrating because its hard to be understanding and supportive if you have no clue whats going on.

And I do agree to a certain extent Silver, there are plenty of cunts in hospo.
Melg in Office Drone Hive 2015
Well fair enough I dont doubt hes feeling shit or whatever is going on, but my grandpa died a couple weeks ago while I was at work and nobody really seemed to care and I didnt have any days off for it either, nor was I offered. Just seems time to come back to work thats all, sometimes working can be...
Melg in Office Drone Hive 2015
Im working 5 days this week cos one of the baristas at work has decided hes "going through a hard time" at the moment and hasnt come in to work for a week. None of us know whats wrong with him but the one day last week he did work he had to keep going to the bathroom to cry, and now they k...
Melg in Vikings
Anyone still watching this?

Athelstan :( :( :(

Cant get enough of this show, cant wait to see what happens in Paris!