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Melg in True Detective
S02E01 is out! Complete with new awesome intro. Amazing actors and great set up in first ep. Cant wait to see what happens this season!
Melg in Chappie
I really enjoyed Chappie. They did the robot really well and I got real emotional when they left him alone. The addition of Die Antwoord was interesting but it totally worked. I watched this after watching Ex Machina and still really enjoyed it.
Melg in Riots in Australia
Hunterbob wrote:
Wastey wrote:
a huge minority

A majority?

No, minority. Hes saying that only a small amount of people involved in this movement are Nazis but the media makes out like they are the majority of the movement due to pictures of these individuals looking the best.
Melg in Ex Machina
This movie was amazing. Mind fuck indeed. Very "Black Mirror feature length movie". I got a bit scared during the ending because this shit isnt too far away from actually being possible, I think thats what makes it such a great movie. The bit where he starts to question if hes an AI too an...
Melg in Kingsman: The Secret Service
Watched this tonight. Excellent movie. Wasnt sure what to expect, I didnt watch the trailer but saw the thumbnail of Sam L Jackson in it and figured it must be a super serious action movie but was pleasantly surprised. It toed the line between humor and gratuitous violence very well and was well exe...
Melg in The Little Death
Finally watched this. Brilliant film. At first it appears to be poking fun at peoples weird fantasies but it actually gets quite real as it goes on andthe colliding of all the stories at the end was great. The story between the phonecall chick and Sam was my favourite. Good recommendation Spooner.
Melg in Jupiter Ascending
Watched this the other night. Had a 1080p version and the effects, costumes etc were fucking breathtaking. Unfortunately have to agree on the story line. So much wasnt explained which is such a shame since it has such a huge amount of potential and heaps of opportunity for sequels.
Melg in Survivor Season 30 - Worlds Apart
Crazy tribal. Im losing respect for Mike a bit, he keeps almost doing these awesome moves but then fucking them up by being a turd for brains. Would have been amazing if he kept Shirin in the game, they could have done some big moves together. I reckon the skinny blonde chick voted for Dan. Cant bel...