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Melg in Boondock Saints 2
Its worth watching if you liked the first one. Its got a bunch of cool fight scenes, just dont expect it to live up to the first.. or even come close really.
Melg in Farewell :<
So many people leaving over a stupid bunch of pixels thats going to be replaced come Cata anyway =\

Best of luck I guess.
Melg in Boondock Saints 2
This movie was okay but definetly cant hold a candle to the first (one of my all time favourite movies). Julie Benz wasnt expected but I dont think she was needed either, would have liked to see Willem Dafoe come back. And was it just me or did Sean Patrick Flanery have a swollen face the whole movi...
Melg in Farewell
Didnt know you very long but you were cool to me when I joined. Sad to see a good player and a good person leave. Hope you find what youre looking for in another guild. Best of luck!