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Melg in Peoples thoughts moving ahead.
I have leveled and geared (or am still gearing) my hunter to raid with you guys. Once I am able to transfer my druid I will transfer her over to heal or dps. I will be raiding on my hunter in the mean time. I have said this to a couple of people already, but I will state my opinion here again for po...
Melg in Beer
I think Im still on the good old Coronas. Although Ive been branching out a lot more when I go out now and trying new ones which is cool.
Melg in Survivor Season 31 - Second Chance
Amazing season so far. Have to agree on the scale and difficulty of the challenges straight off the bat this time around. Lots of my favourites still in it but Joe is who I want to win. He should have won last season, Im hoping he can ninja some shit to the end and win it this time.
Melg in Heroes of the Storm
HOTS is so much more fun when you play with a premade group of friends. Ive tried playing a couple times on my own in quick matches but theres no real reason to stick with your teammates. Good games!