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Pre-nerf BF2 Blackhawks were fucking retarded, I am thoroughly against rapehawks coming back in BF3. Those things were shooting concussive rounds from a chaingun that never overheated. Also, the only thing that you saw happen was a Blackhawk hovering above Neutral/Chinese flags to capture it uncont...
Dwy in Prey 2
I remember it shitting all over my pc when the first one came out didn't they use it for benchmarks until crysis came out? I hope it's more lenient this time :)
Dwy in Portal 2
Valve seems to want to make sure you and all your friends and parents have played portal 1 given it's free period when it launched on mac and now more free copies one year later.
Dwy in Twelve Oasis. 10 man group LFG RDPS.
I only have the best players I speak with apply to the forums. What does that say about the fifty people I speak with every day about applying, and even then the people who I *do* ask to apply are still 50/50 horrible. I have spoken with going on 350 individuals now about my 10 man. Still haven't f...