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Klexio in General Fitness Thread
Hi guys, I thought i'd shed some light from my side of the story too :) I've basically been getting back into gym heavily this month as I've slacked off over the past 2 years with it. I used to be a stick (I'm 5'11" and weighed 58kg) and got to about 72kg in 6 months just by going to the gym re...
Klexio in Hey!
he thought you wanted some travellers.

maybe itus has some direct correllation to boneitus? i hope so.

Eutoph wrote:
Is there going to be some writeup about the meet? Or are you going to leave us all in the dark like jerks

Yeah i'd rather we did, enforces more people to come to meets to rid of the mystery.
Klexio in Cataclysm Planning
i think the 'but' says otherwise. So he's basically saying +1 for 10 mans, -1 for 10 mans.

Break this down into a mathematical equation and we have:

1 - 1 = 0 zero need to post this.
Klexio in Cataclysm Planning
Most are concerned their hands wont be held every step of the way. Hence why, as you said and I said earlier, people will have to take on more responsibility (read become officer/RL or w/e) if they want to advance more. I think I've come to the conclusion that I can see where you're coming from, th...
Klexio in Cataclysm Planning
I never said I thought that was the case, though if the loot system works anything like ICC, then valor points will allow you to get your set pieces more quickly...? Also there have been a number of badge/point rewards that are better than items off boss drops (i.e Herkuml War Totem). I'm not saying...
Klexio in Cataclysm Planning
they're really not necessarily doing that. Valor points are what you get from raiding and you get MORE from doing 25 mans - THIS IS THE INCENTIVE - They've just made having a 10 man-only guild less penalised with having the same loot tables as 25 mans.
Also, Quick question amigos, is it possible to have both Horde and Alliance toons on Frostmourne now? All my irl bin friends are rolling Horde, but I want to play with my Twelvic-bros, so I'm trying to appease them with a token goblin creation or some shit. I'll make a horde toon and play it with yo...
Klexio in Cataclysm Planning
Another boring wall of text, thanks Klex. Also, of course 2 groups can work in 10 man but one will always be better than the other. And I don't even care which one I end up in as long as I'm not with some people I really don't enjoy playing with. 10 man worked for me in Wrath because in the group w...