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Matey in Peoples thoughts moving ahead.
Jinjitsu wrote:
Fuck me why do you keep doing this to yourself Cailo. At some stage putting up with this should no longer feel like its worth your time?

I guess Cailo's motivated to keep the guild going instead of attempting to destroy it.
Matey in Peoples thoughts moving ahead.
I didn't realise Melg was so involved with this. I thought her first raid was last night? Melg please only speak on your own behalf, as I am pretty sure the majority of people do not want this thread blocked. Because I've only just returned to the game I managed to dodge the majority of this drama. ...
Matey in Peoples thoughts moving ahead.
Although my life is fairly busy (like most of us now because you know - #adults) I am committed to tanking for the raid. I will do everything in my power to have 100% attendance, but of course things like having a baby, a wife, and a 17 year old dog could potentially cause some issues - but that is ...
Matey in Mission Statement 2016
While I'm not currently involved in the twelve raiding scene I have some input. I feel like cailo generally does like killing things and getting hectic purps, but he is more concerned with harmony and fun. On the other hand some people want that AND a well performing raid team. Raid time is limited,...
Matey in The Maze Runner (2014)
Turns out I liked the maze much more.…. Couldn't agree more. I only watched the second one because I enjoyed the first. I felt like the maze thing had something unique in comparison to other movies within the genre (Hunger Games, Divergent), but now it's just like.. Rebel courageously against (or r...