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Neifelheim in Societal norms
Workplaces are getting much more flexible, particularly in the work from home area for professions that can. I'm fortunate that I can do 3 x 12 hr shifts....and then enjoy 4 days off. Although the 3 days does feel like a 'black hole' so to speak as it's a 2hr round trip to work and back so it doesn'...
Neifelheim in Star Citizen Megathread
I honestly couldn't care when they release it, I'm happy to wait until 2017 for this game if need be. Just get it right you shitnipples. They won't 'get it right' straight'll be a slow progression of features additions etc that if the game is as successful as we all hope will be, will be q...
Neifelheim in Star Citizen Megathread
Darkshaunz wrote:
Fun wrote:
The next 12 meet doesn't have a stable build out, I'm not willing to commit until there is a playable version released!


My reaction when I realized it was sold out.

Neifelheim in Martin Place Siege
Spoon wrote:
Why didn't you just watch the movie? Seems you've seen half of it now without the context tying them together

I initially thought it was a sitcom series. It kind of just happened...y'know when you have nothing better to do then click on random shit in the youtube sidebar.
Neifelheim in Blade Runner
A cult favorite, they made a decent PC game that was 3 or 4 cd's long back in the day. It captured the feel of the movie very well and had a multitude of endings.
Neifelheim in Pacific Rim
Funnily enough I actually watched this last night, Pretty enjoyable if you liked Godzilla, Independence Day and Transformers all in one.
Neifelheim in Martin Place Siege
It was a shahada flag which is used by Jabhat al-Nusra, which are like a bees dick away from IS. And I'm also confident that this nutter would have used an IS flag if he could have gotten one. In fact wasn't it one of his demands to be given one? I'm not sure why people are upset over it not being ...