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Neifelheim in Die Antwoord
As always I'm at least a year late before I notice an upcoming group...though I wouldn't say these guys are 'upcoming' anymore. I found them a few months ago and seeing them in the 'Chappie' preview at the flicks the other day made me realise how popular they are getting. I really like them a few of...
Neifelheim in #stoptheknot
I wonder how things would go for them if one of their 'victims' found the youtube clip and proceeded with charges.

Actually liked their song much more -
Neifelheim in Office Drone Hive 2015
Im not overly enjoying work at current so possibly a blessing in-disguise, but i would be highly surprised if i was to go (but you never know) Yeah I'm facing a very uncertain future too. Come June my Longwall has no where to go, our mine still has a prohibition from the DPI to develop and mine new...
Neifelheim in Clash of Clans
Spoon wrote:
Made a clan yet, Jim? Anyone else playing this?

It something you play when your taking a shit. Only takes 5 mins to do your thing, i.e. collect resources, build, raid, train.

I just joined a somewhat serious Clan we'll see how that goes.