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DigitalDJ in tier 5 content
So I don't suppose you'll run another TK? Next Sunday perhaps? WTB Ring, Title , Achievement :( GL on getting that title. Read above? And blue post says: Unless you're on the very last part of completing it (and you've neve...
DigitalDJ in tier 5 content
azmodai wrote:
Exactly. I'm happy to run hyjal again or TK or SSC. I know a few people have asked to see SSC as they've never seen it before.

*chant* Kael Kael Kael!

Don't hurt me. :cry:
DigitalDJ in Audiophiles! Halp!
Fuck so... I need some new ear phones (not headphones) and could do with some recommendations. Used to have these from B&O: but the connection in the left ear died the other night. If it has a mic, probably plus, but probably means it's shit quality. An...
DigitalDJ in The Desk Challenge
is that a blackberry or whatever the fuck in the middle there? how old are you? N95 8GB, and uh, 20 as of a month a go. Working part time at Internode testing random crap around there. WAG54GV2? WRT54GL running DD-WRT v24 (Cable, not ADSL) nice! What programs do you use? Mainly Ableton. I've tried ...
DigitalDJ in The Desk Challenge
Elaborate on this music production. A mate and I work together on some stuff. We do a show together on a local radio station here in Adelaide. We only started working on production around the middle of last year so everything's fairly new. Basically work on a lot of trance and progressive stuff. He...
DigitalDJ in The Desk Challenge
When I'm sitting around doing fuck all:
Laptop - RSS
Desktop - TV, Web, WoW

3 Screens is incredibly useful for music production or when I'm coding large projects :)