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Ralphie in Bob's Album
You can buy lens caps on ebay for like under $1 each including postage. Just check the lens size and away you go. I'm guessing the EP1 has a 49mm thread on the stock lens. As for camera learnin' I would start off by reading up on, and mastering the basic concepts like Aperture, Shutter Speed, Exposu...
Ralphie in Delicious Cauliflower Salad
Diggin' it. My only modification would be to add some lean meat to the mix to up the protein content, such as some shaved chicken or turkey breast or a can of tuna. I'm trying to aim for about 50/30/20 Protein/Carb/Fat ratio at the moment.
Ralphie in Twelve Gym [Iron Man Remedial]
I thought swimming was a better calorie burner than running. Sure as fuck prefer swimming regardless, since it doesnt explode my shins and joints and is generally more pleasurable and relaxing than running around some shitty backstreets.
Ralphie in Enter
Spoon wrote:
Ralphie: Fight Club

Retsgip: Rear Window

Gunmetal: Casablanca

Salin: Vertigo

Remedial: There Will Be Blood

Xestio: Small Soldiers

I thought this one suited Rets.
Ralphie in Bob's Album
I really liked the canal cruise, the train, brighton beach, and the ski lift ones. Awesome work. A few of the others looked a bit out of focus though. Your black and white shots are classy dude.
Dont forget the traditional Australia Day Running of the Leb event. I laughed, and then didn't feel bad (I guess that makes me racist). The mental image of Ralphie running cheekily from an angry fat lebanese man wearing fake horns is just priceless. I dont think you quite understand. We dont run FR...
Yeah balsamic would work. I'd put a few other things in as well to balance the acidity. Garlic/ginger/soy/chilli/mustard/fresh herbs/paprika. Any of those things will go nicely. So drain, press and cube tofu, toss into a container with the marinade, and leave it at least 15 mins, up to overnight.
Looks really nicely done rets. Definitely low in fat, only issue might be that its also low in protein as well (so mostly carbs) but you're probably easily at a calorie deficit on a daily basis so it doesn't really matter. Cakes - A few tips for cooking tofu: Try get the firmer varieties instead of ...
Ralphie in Twelve Gym [Iron Man Remedial]
I just tend to pick 2 muscle groups and pound them until I can't use them anymore. Theres a joke in there about "thats what I do with your mums holes", but I'm just gonna meta it. I used to just go to the gym and do random exercises in whatever order appealed, but this time round I'm stic...